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    How Might We encourage needy children to discover their passion and interest in Design and Technology?

    "Education shouldn't be limited to the wealth of your family"

    More often than not, we see the more privileged students excelling, having the platform to realize their passion and having the means to map their path to success.

    Our team felt that there should be a platform to level the playing field for those less privileged students to discover their passion.


    We're on a mission to spark interest in students towards Design & Technology.

    Target Community

    We are targeting students from needy low-income families between the ages of 11 to 14 years old.


    Our project provides a platform to expose these students to design-thinking through a two-day workshop cum camp, where they will be tasked to make observations, and from there, ideate and create a prototype aimed to bring about a positive improvement based on their observation. Furthermore, we will be exposing them to different educational technologies such as 3Doodler, Onshape, Littlebits, Arduino and potentially even more. We aim to share these knowledge to the students in hopes that they will be motivated to create and try new things.

    Outline of Pedagogy

    Day 1

    1. Design Thinking
      1. Observation
        1. Allowing them to understand how design affects the world.
        2. To be more aware of what their surroundings are made of and how it came about
        3. What purpose and needs did the design serve
    2. Build on Communication
      1. Carrying out games/ activities that incorporates design and fun and teamwork
        1. Marshmallow game
        2. Building a bridge game/Hanging bridge
    3. Prototyping given a common/familiar problem ("Big Picture Activity")
      1. Ideation + prototyping(low-level)

    Day 2

    1. Ways you can improve the prototype/ Teaching of skills - Kids are not expected to incorporate any of the skills to their prototype
      1. What are these technologies/educational tools (e.g. Onshape, LittleBits, etc.)
      2. Its Applications

    Here, we will engage the students with Hands-On activities to allow them to try the tools.

    1. Selling of idea/Presentation skills
      1. Build on their confidence
      2. Platform for them to share their ideas with others
    2. Learning reflection
      1. Recap of what has been taught/experienced over

    (Focusing on verbal reflections more than written ones)


    To-do list for Summer 2016.


    • Reaching out to a beneficiary and their social workers

    In order to better prepare ourselves before carrying out our workshop cum camp, we will be reaching out to social workers to get a clearer picture and better understanding with regards to handling the students. We are looking at focusing on a particular beneficiary for a start. Hence, we would preferably connect with a social worker from the same beneficiary we will be working with.

    • Attending workshops and training sessions

    Over this summer, alongside our internships, we are planning to attend relevant training sessions and workshops that would equip us with the necessary skills to engage with the students.

    • Research on target audience

    In ensuring that our objectives and aim of this project meet the needs of the needy community, we will be carrying out research to understand the needs and concerns of the target students and their parents. With this research, we would be able to gain first-hand opinions and tailor our project to better suit their needs and preferences.

    • Dry Run

    Upon understanding the different needs of our target community, we will be tailoring the initial proposal draft according these needs. Hence, we will carry out at least one dry run before carrying out to students from the chosen beneficiary.


    We're on a mission to connect your cause to the people who care the most.

    Nurul Asyiqin Zahrin

    Freshnomore, Class of 2018

    Asyiqin has always been intrigued at how creative children can be. However, she realizes that there are some who have more opportunities than others to try new things. Hence, she embarked on this project in hopes to be able to create an impactful platform for the needy community.

    Amos Ho

    Junior, Class of 2017

    Over the past year, Amos has embarked on many social projects. However, he feels that there is still room for improvement and aims to make this project a successful one. Most importantly, he wants to learn to be patient when handling children and to experience the life of a teacher.

    Camillus Wee

    Freshnomore, Class of 2018

    Camillus is motivated to bring change to the community in any ways she can. Her passion for design and technology, has led her to embark on this project. She hopes to be able to build meaningful connections with the needy community.

    Felix Soo

    Junior, Class of 2017

    Felix aims to create a platform to expose people to design thinking at an early stage. His passion for design has motivated him to embark on this project in hopes to enable social mobility through design. He hopes to learn how to create a sustainable framework that can be applied and experienced by other communities.


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